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Drain cleaning

We offer EMERGENCY services so you can get help when you need drain cleaning the most!

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Blockages in drains can cause dirty water to overflow from sinks and make your home a messy place. Don't let dirty water compromise the health and safety of those living in your home - make sure your drains are cleaned regularly!


Clearing your drains just got easier with Godlove Enterprises around to help you out with all types of drain cleaning services. Get comprehensive drainage system cleaning services from our professionals in Lafayette and Monticello, IN.

Drain Cleaning Just Got Easier With Godlove Enterprises Around!

  • Underground pipe location

  • Floor drains

  • Field tile

  • Sewer camera inspections

  • Water-jetting services

  • Drain inspections

Get Quality Drain Cleaning Services for All Types of Drains

  • 45 years of experience

  • Licensed business

  • All services are GUARANTEED

  • Family owned and operated

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